“With me, illusions are bound to be shattered. I am here to shatter all illusions. Yes, it will irritate you, it will annoy you – that’s my way of functioning and working. I will sabotage you from your very roots! Unless you are totally destroyed as a mind, there is no hope for you.”
― Osho

I rarely hear it, if at all.

Unlearn what you know.

Of course, this is antithetical to the personal development paradigm, but where’s that got us?

Think about it.

How much of what you learnt in school, college or university have you used in life or in work?

What might you have learnt (or unlearnt) instead?

But it’s not only the rote material. What about your conditioning, i.e. what you’ve been told, assumed or taken as read?

How much of that have you questioned let alone decided to drop?

Perhaps now is the time to take a look at the messaging that exhorts change.

Change what?


How can you change something that is indescribable?

If you need to test this thesis, ask yourself what stays permanent, ever, in your life.


Your thoughts?

Your feelings?

Your emotions?

Your things?

I mean, if it everything you ever wanted could be attained, how come you still haven’t got to where you thought you’d be?

My advice: stop trying so hard; slow down; drop the pretence of having to know or learn more to live; and consider what true self actually means.



Photo by Sasha Freemind on Unsplash

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