UnSocial Media

Surely an oxymoron?

But, right now, social media has become the go to thing to the point where, in some quarters, it has obliterated all other discussion.

As heretical as it may sound, in and of itself social media is not remarkable. It is just another communication medium.

At nearly every talk I have delivered, I have said that the critical component of social is to earn attention … and so the audience nods or smiles.

And then I look out again.

What do I see?

Nothing of the sort.

No free downloads.

No remarkable content (of whatever form).

As for the conversation, it is non-existent.

If you think that social media is going to reinforce your How (you do business) then you are mistaken. Even if you are new on one platform, unless you are going to wholeheartedly commit your resources then it will end up looking like every other platform – broadcast x100!

The success recipe

1. Start again

2. Know your audience – demographics, psychographics and techno-graphics

3. Start with the end in mind

4. Connect

5. If you can’t say that you content is valuable (to whom?) then don’t bother

6. Measure your results

7. Commit some proper resources

8. Reward people

9. Consider how you embrace an openness inside your business

10. Have fun

I recognise that social media is not for everyone; but for those people in the space they need to do more than flood us/me with turgid content, and keep their fingers crossed that things will come good. If the history of the website is anything to go by, in a few years time there will be thousands/millions of orphan sites which will do nothing to help your reputation or brand.

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