Walking our own path

“It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.” ― Henry David Thoreau

Which path are you walking?

Yours, mine or you simply don’t know?

More to the question, is it congruent with who you are — your values, your truth, your dreams?

Even when we’re coming alive to this question, something always gets in the way: the negative reaction; a well-intended but inevitable put down; or, our fear of departing from the norm.

If it is that we only pass this way once — at least in this form — then, as hard as it is, and as uncertain as you may feel, to live a constant lie is such a waste of genius to not even begin to articulate what that looks like on a collective plane. But just imagine, not in an egoic way, if we all walked our unique path, consumed by kindness, connection and contemplation. Can you see it? (The world already feels a different place.)

If you think I’ve lost the plot, that’s fine but all I know is that if we’re prepared to open our hearts to something more meaningful that past glories, which militates against anything more than more of the same (e.g. materialism, division and living out of fear), then it’s likely that the world we inhabit would shift on its axis, unlikely ever to return to the status quo.

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