‘We’ feeling


Why is it that I feel this?

A disconnect from all that is real.


They don’t call it the age of separation for nothing.

Imagine it: being one with everything. The whole thing. (We are the Universe in action.)

But we don’t.

We’re too lost in our Cartesian heads.

Why is that?

Because we’ve lost touch with our souls.

But why?

If we woke up fully, we’d see the mess we’ve made of things in our Anthropocentric world.

What am I trying to say?

I mean to say we need to come down from our locked-in minds and descend to our hearts. If not then (so far as I’m concerned) we’re doomed.

All of us — including those to come.

I cry often. Not that you know it if you met me but deep inside. I see the destruction we’ve wrought on the earth and it makes me weep. Why? Why would we annihilate everything and ultimately ourselves?

It’s madness.

But, hey, what do I know? All this we talk…!

I know I’m banging that ‘me-centric’ drum again but if my life is to mean anything, it’s to shake the ground of my divination and to question everything — especially the narrative that says you’ve got to be something to be counted as a human.