We take it all for granted

Our trip to London. #sea #Devon



Clean air.

Clean water.

Nature in all its resplendent beauty.

I’m optimistic about most things in life.

Not the planet.

I fear that within no more than 100 years, we will have passed the point of no return.

In short, our planet is doomed.

Just think how much we have taken out.

For what?

Of course, just in the same way that we are part of the problem we are the only solution.

When I hear supposed leaders talk incessantly about economic growth, profit and employment, it causes me to reflect that any leader worth their salt would have as their watchword sustainability. Very few do.

The truth of the matter is that we are stewards to the most amazing place we will ever know, and yet we treat it as some infinite supply for our stupid wants.

I hope that in my lifetime I can add something back – a few trees planted; a few less animals killed; and less waste. But I know that even if a movement were to start that changed our growth mindset there are now too many people for anything substantial to occur.

We are all interconncted; and when we take our lifestyle for granted we do so at our peril.


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