Well-being for lawyers

Have you read this?

You should.

But then again, it’s unlikely to tell you anything you don’t already know.

My beef — and yes, I do have one — is that firms love to crow about the ‘clients first’ message but that’s meaningless if the lawyer cohort (a) are stressed to the nines, (b) hate their work and (c) are using alcohol to drown out the pain.

As someone who spent far too long in private practice, it’s a depressing fact that the competitive culture holds sway — not well-being — and that’s simply because theĀ only metric partners and the bean counters are interested in is profit. Or to be more precise, how much each lawyer bills (and recovers). And that unsurprisingly produces a toxic environment that denudes people of their humanity.

Many times I’ve made my case for change but nothing. Zip. Nada.

The truth is if the profession doesn’t understand the threat of AI, better-informed clients and pressure on fees and yet still insists on setting ridiculous targets then it deserves everything that follows as more and more people either leave it or suffer inexorably to the detriment of the firm.

Of course, I can help but not if those in charge aren’t willing to drop their guard and understand the need to allow the firm to become more people-centric and less PEP-centric.



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