What are Your *Values*?

“Too Much Cost, Not Enough Value”

“Too Much Speculation, Not Enough Investment”

“Too Much Complexity, Not Enough Simplicity”

“Too Much Counting, Not Enough Trust”

“Too Much Business Conduct, Not Enough Professional Conduct”

“Too Much Salesmanship, Not Enough Stewardship”

“Too Much Focus on Things, Not Enough Focus on Commitment”

“Too Many Twenty-first Century Values, Not Enough Eighteenth-Century Values”

“Too Much ‘Success,’ Not Enough Character”

Source: Jack Bogle, Enough. (chapter titles)

I found this quote from some recent slides of Tom Peters; it is the long version to accompany his latest talk for the Drucker institute.

I have nothing to add other than to say that all of these require us to think long and hard about our business offering. I am going to print them off and post them up somewhere I can see them everyday. But more than that they remind us to stay true to our values and not be seduced by the numbers or clock.

I particularly like the first line. I have made the point before that we should look at the value offering of our practice area and not just the cost, the reason being that we will find ourselves disappearing down a rabbit hole. Think about this in everything we do and where you feel you are worth more then don’t be afraid to say so and not the contra which is to seek to justify the costs. In legal parlance think of value as a sword and not a shield.

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