What defines your brand?

Your smile?

Your speech?

Your demeanour?

Your clothes?

Your accoutrements?

Your circle of friends?

Your clients/customers/consumers?

Your off-line presence?

Your on-line presence?

Your on-line presence? [yes I repeat myself]

Stop and focus.

Think about it.

I like to think of the Power of Brand YOU – the ability to leverage and support who you are, or aspire to be.

Every aspect of our life inculcates our brand. It is inescapable.

And don’t think that this is some narcissistic way of being.

It is not.

When someone describes you or a colleague they are talking about your brand characteristics, brand equity or brand perception. OK you might feel more comfortable dropping the ‘Brand’ label but that would no different to Coke saying we just make a great drink and no more.

Go to work on your brand.

Don’t accept that it is immutable.

Have a clear vision of the person you wish to become. Focus on the substance and not just the form.

What are your brand values?

Mine: honesty, integrity, passion, commitment, dedication, loyalty, excellence and thoughtfulness.

When you next sit down to talk appraisal, think what you would do if you were trying to write a different script for the forthcoming year. Don’t think of some whimsical brand makeover, but substantive change to enable you to be the most of anything.

I am unashamedly passionate about personal branding. I don’t see it as merely another tool to get ahead, but something more fundamental: Distinct or Extinct!

Remember in this world it is not who you know any more, but rather who knows you for what you do, and likes and trusts you. If you don’t tick all the boxes then any attempt to scale the heights of success will be shot through before you start.

Your brand is all you have. If you don’t control and develop it then don’t be surprised if you get washed along on a tide of mediocrity never to be heard from again.

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