What if?

You had your time again. The time before you embarked on your career in law.

Would you do it – train as a lawyer?

I love the law. And not just the minutia of the cases but the human drama, the ability to change lives and to make a real difference.

But it isn’t about the law any longer. If anything the law gets in the way.

It’s business.

Let’s face it, very little of what you do couldn’t be replicated by someone just like you but cheaper.

This must be how someone working on a production line felt when robots were first introduced.

You are a project manager or you should be one.

Going to work on your business is what is important. Not working in it – well at least not all the time.

If you truly want to make a difference in this world then you just need to find a space that no one else occupies. Not a remote island but somewhere that lauds excellence, rewards innovation and most of all cherishes those people that care.

Yes, that’s it. Do you care? Care as if your very life depended on it.

Again, what if you had 90% less clients but the 10% had the potential to provide you with at least half the missing turnover. I know what: you would work your socks, shoes and underpants off to please them. You would have to because if you didn’t then … curtains.

A bit pithy I know but spend time this weekend dreaming, dreaming of world working with your favourite clients, your best work and most productive day.

And then

Go create it.

~ JS ~

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