Personal Development

What I’m doing now

I’m working full time in Devon, having spent last year and the one before that working away in Hampshire (I don’t miss the A35 or the 4 a.m. starts).

I spend all my time on these things: (in order of time spent)

  • being a husband, dad and bag carrier for my middle daughter
  • writing on my blog, Medium and LinkedIn
  • contemplation/self-inquiry (I take my cue from Thomas Merton)
  • reading books: I split my time between books on business and on spirituality
  • cycling as often as possible, and enjoying time outdoors (I’ve two mad-hatter dogs to keep me company)

I would like to be doing more public speaking and coaching, but, right now, I’ve more than enough on my plate. I expect to take up the reins to both early in 2016. For the record, I no longer speak about social media or marketing. I don’t have a thing — it sounds mildly pretentious anyway — and see my life through a much simpler lens than before.

If things change, I’ll update you. (Last update was October 2015.)

This post was inspired by Derek Sivers.