What I’m doing now

I’m working full time in Devon, having spent last year and the one before that working away in Hampshire (I don’t miss the A35 or the 4 a.m. starts).

I spend all my time on these things: (in order of time spent)

  • being a husband, dad and bag carrier for my middle daughter
  • writing on my blog, Medium and LinkedIn
  • contemplation/self-inquiry (I take my cue from Thomas Merton)
  • reading books: I split my time between books on business and on spirituality
  • cycling as often as possible, and enjoying time outdoors (I’ve two mad-hatter dogs to keep me company)

I would like to be doing more public speaking and coaching, but, right now, I’ve more than enough on my plate. I expect to take up the reins to both early in 2016. For the record, I no longer speak about social media or marketing. I don’t have a thing — it sounds mildly pretentious anyway — and see my life through a much simpler lens than before.

If things change, I’ll update you. (Last update was October 2015.)

This post was inspired by Derek Sivers.