What is this?

It seems such a simple question but absent our conditioning, how would we know?

And when I say conditioning, I include the fact that our supposed thoughts are only that way because of our native tongue and we’ve been told that the inner monologue is a series of thoughts.

What if you were able to or did drop the pretence of knowing all or any of this?

What then?

Don’t worry, you’d still function. In fact (if I can call it this) your biological self wouldn’t be any the wiser if you stopped identifying with your thoughts etc.

Sadly, even if you are an ardent seeker, this isn’t the message that the me wants to hear. It believes by getting something, even enlightenment, that its life will be made whole.

Good luck with that course of action.

And no, before you think I’m going to tell you there’s an instead, you’d be wrong.

I’m not telling you anything other than to consider what is happening this very moment?

A mystery?

Yes, that’s it. An energetic happening that is unbounded, free, of which everything and no-thing is part.


Hell yeah, but then again, that’s only because you’re thinking about it instead of being it.



Photo by Zetong Li on Unsplash

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