What Next?

Time is not on your side.

Too much to Do; too little time to do It.

Often, and without reason, we find ourselves ploughing a narrow furrow, hoping that things will improve. In a sense they do – the pattern becomes customary, and if we are lucky we lose our-self in the work.

But lift your head upwards – to the sky of opportunity.

You will see that there is more to life than living by rote.

Dreaming is a passion when we are young but as we age we remove the passion and replace the longing with a wish list at best.

“I wish I could change my life.”

I am not the least bit melancholic, but all I know is that we can’t allow our innermost feelings to be quiet, particularly if they keep surfacing.

At some stage you have to act.

But what is the fear that you fear?


Is it really a failure to do something and not succeed?

Surely, it’s a bigger failure not to have tried at all.

Each day is unique but do you treat it as such?

If you have brainwashed yourself to believe that you have no choice, then you only need to lose someone or something to understand how ludicrous that statement to self is.

Don’t wait to be shocked into life.

Live it now.


Ask yourself what will you do different in the next 24 hours that you didn’t do last week.

Change only happens if you move from thought to action.

Lean into the day.

And make something of it.

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