when our past catches up with us

this isn’t polished

it symbolises, though, a lot of what we wrestle with every day

stephen covey calls it scripting

but i think it goes deeper than that

we enter the world

we live our life for the moment

and then … the reality of life kicks in


a career

living a life

but is it our life we are living?

right now i am wrestling with my programming

but whose programming is it?


my parents

my teachers

my education

my career choices

the medium of law?

at the start of the year, i made a pact with my daemon that i would simplify

and i have done so

but what it has made me realise is how little i know

i have done lots of things but learnt very little (About myself)



i wanted success

a nice car

a nice house

a comfortable life

but what i realise is that connecting to our real self is more important

what we aim for is to explore a life of meaning and to be happy

but very often life becomes meaningless when you get no satisfaction from the things that you thought would make you happy

to be truly happy you have to focus on the impersonal; something that makes a meaningful difference to others (near and far) and not just in the self-fulfilment of our goals

and you have to fulfil your desire to self-express

i am not one to dwell on the past

you won’t hear me utter the words “if only”

if only is weak

we make our luck

persistence, passion and patience are omnipotent

but you need to understand the lacuna that you past has left you with

it’s not just a case of filling it with more knowledge

but rather understanding who you are

bRAND yOU is about making the most of You

it is not about acting out a faux version of you


it may not be helpful but imagine a life devoid of attachment

when you think of your past it requires you to build

and build

until you reach a point of …

… what?


i am not suggesting a life of lack but sometimes it is important to drop the pretence and ask yourself what really makes you happy

me /







the outdoors

and great leaders


You /


as much as we would wish to banish our past, we cannot escape it

but it is imporant to recognise when it is holding us back

as i believe is the case for me


i want to make a difference


i want to feel that i have given my best at every turn

and i want to have some fun, make my family proud and be thought of as player


yes, i might be a pain in the arse because i am always pushing against the status quo

but for me it’s about staying curious to the end


and trying to test our resolve in the face of things that frighten us


life on the edge

quite possibly

but at least i can say i lived


i mentioned last week my misgivings about daily blogging

in retrospect it wasn’t the effort it was the message.


i am awash with ideas – helpful ones i hope – but i can’t see the need to cajole, persuade or empower when the valve is shut tight


to learn more you have to be open to change

if your mindset is inward then you need to come to a different paradigm in your own time


and that stage, i will still be here


the future is a sea of opportunity

and a wide blue ocean at that.


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