When the Why is everything

Does your Why align with the work you do?


Most people bury their Why so deep they have forgotten who they are.

If this all sounds too ethereal, the point is this. People ignore their passion, desire and motivation when they go to work.

The money is everything.

We all know the statistics. No one brings 100% effort to the job. It’s not discretionary effort. It’s the effort that if the stars align would, without hesitation, change the business for all time.

I don’t get it.

No truly.

I listen to all the BS that prevails in corporate land but the truth is that if you employ people, your #1 job is to realise their dreams.

And when I make this point I don’t just talk from some lofty position but as someone who was always pushing against the system.  In my case, I never found a boss who was prepared to adopt anything other than the status quo.


Because they were too bloody scared.

Talent is an amazing thing.

Are you seriously suggesting that you wouldn’t want to harness the genius?

Don’t answer that one.

For me, if you want to take your business to the next level, start talking and listening to your people. Yes, they might tell you you are an idiot but interspersed with the usual diatribe you will find a welter of amazing stuff.

For me your people aren’t just your biggest asset. They are your asset.

As they say the rest is history.

Go for it.

Unleash the genius.

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