Where next?

“Not all those who wander are lost.” 

– J. R. R. Tolkien, Fellowship of the Ring

For too long, I’ve planned my life.

It wasn’t just a case of writing endless lists, it was the notion that unless I had something to look ahead to I felt lost.

Perhaps this was predicated on clock time and making sure I had my day full of things to do; or it could have been my proletariat work ethic.

Whatever the reason, it forced me to do things, often, for the sake of doing them.

But, my life is changing.

Now. I don’t plan.

I allow things to be.

And I’ve dropped all notion of becoming something, particularly something that can easily be fixed with a label.

If it’s writing, I sit down and write.

Likewise poetry.

Or, I just sit. And see what turns up.

Don’t ask me why the sudden change of mood. All I know is that it feels right.

For a lot of people, this approach will appear reckless. I’m sure they’re right when measured by the normal success methodologies; but, in case you hadn’t noticed, whilst people are happy to talk about their wealth and success, very few are able to tell you who they are.

Who are you?

Your job title?

Your wealth?

Your possessions?

Seriously, who are you?

Right now, I feel liberated to create. Of course, the proof of the pudding is in how much I ship but I know that will happen.

This state of mind is not temporary. It will only grow deeper.

I’m excited about next year. Whilst I have no plans, I know it will come to define me: writing, poetry, coaching and… who knows what.

Perhaps from time to time we need to open a space to allow things to be. Without that we become a slave to the ritual.

I don’t have any advice save look inside and ask if you’re happy.

If not, perhaps it’s time you reordered your life.

– Julian

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