Where next?

“We don’t even ask happiness, just a little less pain.” ― Charles Bukowski

  1. I’ve renewed my practising Certificate with the SRA;
  2. I’ve secured a new role (part-time) starting in January 2017 — the aim is to qualify as an Intellectual Property lawyer (I’ve a long way to go);
  3. I will continue to offer consulting, coaching and speaking as before, but I’ve moved a long way from social media, and now I’m far more interested in exploring the inner terrain;
  4. I’ve started a weekly podcast, which I intend to share every Sunday morning (I can’t guarantee that’s when I’ll record it, but that’s when I’ll share it on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and, most likely, Google+);
  5. I’m in the process of creating a number of new audio tracks to sell on Bandcamp, which will also appear on my audio page;
  6. I intend, provided I can find a suitable venue, to start a monthly ‘sitting’ to explore, in a Q and A format, the idea of “awaken, to true self” — the thesis of this blog. To begin with, the theme will be ‘The Unexamined Life’;
  7. I’ll be doing much less on social media but I’ll still be blogging at least once a week;
  8. I’m in the process of completing my first substantive book — I’ve been saying that for the best part of five years — but even if I never publish it, I intend to leave it as a legacy for my children;
  9. I will be writing further books on non-duality or something close to that genre;
  10. I intend to publish the odd poem to Tumblr but, right now, I’ve no intention of publishing any further works;
  11. I would like to continue to develop my calligraphy skills but I suspect that it will have to wait whilst: (a) I get on top of the client work (see point 1 above); (b) study for a likely IP Diploma; and (c) deal with my client work outside of the day job;
  12. I’ll spend further time refining my daily schedule to make sure that I leave as much time as possible to spend with the family — no more 6am-9pm days devoted to any one law firm;
  13. I’ll continue to ride my bike, cook vegan food and enjoy walks with the dogs around my beloved Devon lanes;
  14. I’ll continue to progress our plans for Alli and I to live a simple life, including the purchase of a VW Transporter or such like — we both want to travel more over the coming years;
  15. And…I think that’s probably enough detail for now.

I should just say that I’m not a goals person but I recognise that this does rather read that way. All I’m trying to do, is save you and me the time in asking too many questions, and dealing with too many replies about what exactly I’m up to — if you care of course.

PS. I should just add that next year is going to be exceptionally busy for the Summerhayes family: Hetty is 18, Evie is 21; Alli and I will have been married 25 years; and we’re both 50.

PPS. Perhaps I ought to start a Kickstarter programme now for one Big Bash – ha ha.