Where Next?

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More of the same?

Hell NO!

Surely, our purpose is not to endlessly repeat what we did yesterday, let alone last year.

A better, more enriching life?

Every day is precious to me.

As we grow in years, we come to recognise how in youth we squander time – those grains of sand are finite.


A month has already flown by. Have you achieved 1/12 of your stated aims for 2012?

Get down in the weeds.

Face it, if you don’t work on your life, you will end up living a succession of vanilla days ~ bland, blander, blandest.


Don’t put all your eggs in the career basket.

What about:







Goal setting seems so 1980s but trust me unless you commit to something, then don’t be surprised if you end up living out someone else’s life.

Money is an imperative on one level but it won’t answer all the questions of your alter ego.

Spend the weekend writing out the things that are important to you. Consider which you can afford to leave to their own momentum, and those you have to manage.

There are many people that are opposed to goal setting – who the hell can predict where you will be in 10 years – but no one can prevent you from creating a series of projects, a bucket list or dream cloud of how you would wish to see your life develop.

I always have a notebook on the go. It is an invaluable tool not just for recording all those impromptu thoughts that I think I can turn into gold, but to make me think. Some are very private, others I want to share with everyone I meet.

Nowadays we have practically given up on writing. It just seems so remote from a keyboard, tablet or mobile. But trust me, it is the most important thought-producing receptor that you can adopt.

Start planning.

Planning for a better tomorrow.

Focus on the important and not the urgent.

Nothing is set in stone.

You have the freedom to chose.

Where next?

It’s in your gift.

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