Why are we here?

Nature doesn’t need us.

We need it. Or rather we need the bits we can exploit.

Forget all the ‘be all you can be’ crap for just one minute, and ask yourself what’s the point of spending time talking about self-realisation (in pursuit of what?) when the very air you breathe is polluted with plastic and other noxious, man-made toxins.

What, you’re going to build a hermetically sealed building or something much more horrific. Hell, if you’re lucky you might fly off to Mars.

Stop for one moment, and look at the messaging of consumption.

Do we need anything?


Save for heat, water and food — which was available and made possible well before cubicle nation — there is more than enough in circulation to keep us alive and not ruin what’s left of the earth.

But of course, we’ve no intention of making a course correction to our lives. Sure, we can try recycling a bit more, go vegan and get rid of the car but it’ll make no difference when we continue to consume.

And that brings me back to the question of this blog.

I know there will be people who deny the science of climate change and couldn’t give a shit about the destruction of the earth, but in a moment when vast swathes of the earth’s population are wiped out, I wonder how they’ll respond?

Last man/woman standing.

Good luck with that…



Photo by Mathew MacQuarrie on Unsplash