Why are we here?

You have to ask, with all that you see around you (presumably, wrought in our own image(s)), why we’re here?

What useful purpose do we serve?

I mean, the Earth doesn’t need us. Not one little bit.

We, on the other hand, couldn’t survive without it.

You’d think, that being so, we’d care for it as we do our children, family, loved ones and (even) the pets!

But we don’t.

In fact, right now, we’re ripping it apart with increased and increasing alacrity.

Where will it all end?

Not, I’d suggest, on the horns of some climate change dilemma but with our untimely demise and many millions of other species.

How stupid.

Oh sure, there are always a few bright spots but in the end, as night follows day, by the time we wake up to what’s going on, it will be too late to arrest our terminal decline. That said, if we could change our thinking — i.e. come alive to true self — we’d no longer live separate from the Earth and all sentient beings.

That means, rather than seeking another faux experience we have to look within; namely, what am I?

And no, we’re not our thinking. We’re before our thinking. Way, way before it.

If of course you think that — i.e. the notion of true self — a pile of horseshit, then where else are you going to look for your salvation?

Please tell me. It won’t, just you know, be found in immortality or leaving the planet. It will only come where we’re at peace, and no longer at war with ourselves.

Blessings, and deep bows.


Photo by JR Korpa on Unsplash