Why do business leaders make such heavy weather of social media?

I’ve spent the day reading various publications looking at the link between social media and employee engagement.

The material is unsurprising on so many levels, not least the fact that if people are trusted with social technolgies they feel more alive at work. (Hell, they might even feel able to bring emotional labour to the task.)

But my biggest gripe is the fact that I’ve still to find any evidence of the great and the good, i.e. the supposed business leader, taking the time to write a regular blog, record a podcast or produce a video.

Of course, it’s easy to put it down as a generational thing but that doesn’t cut it when most of this stuff is engineered by others, and the leader merely has to show up with his/her ideas. Or better still a remarkable story.

Right now your staff, customers and advocates are waiting. They’re waiting for you to lead. To demonstrate beyond the usual PR why you believe your company is what you say it is.

The thing is, unless you actually produce something novel, you know you’re swimming in a sea of sameness and, whilst social media offers no magic solution, it does offer you the opportunity to open up to all the things that you should be telling me/us about; namely innovation, awards, customer service, staff loyalty and all the fun stuff that never gets past a few loyal people.

I know you’ve more important things to do like manage the numbers, keep the bank on side and manage your people, but the longer you delay your entry the more likely it is that you will get squeezed out by some lowly upstart who isn’t quite as bashful.

If you’re interested here’s a podcast I recorded on Soundcloud to help you get things off the ground.

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