Why do so few leaders blog?

Are they afraid…

to influence a debate or illuminate a point of view?

It’s not all the same, but there’s still a huge vacuum.

It might be a phobia of technology(!), but given the ease of writing to LinkedIn, Medium and a whole slew of great Content Management Systems (WordPress, Squarespace and Livejournal), it really isn’t that hard.

They may think that writing is not their thing. That’s OK. A podcast can work just as well (see the work of Reboot as a great example of the Q&A format.)

For me, I’ve never seen blogging as the preserve of any one department — certainly not marketing. I’ve always seen it as an opportunity for everyone whether they work for a small business or Plc to make their dent in whatever Universe they inhabit or wish to do so.

As so many others have said before me, it’s still one of the most powerful mediums in the communications space, and not to take the opportunity is more than a missed opportunity. Indeed, it speaks so loud, particularly when you exhort everyone else to get with the digital programme!

Still not convinced?

Think of it this way: if you want to influence your people, your market and, yes, the world, it could be the best decision you ever make.

Here’s to the wonderful world of blogging.

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