Why Social Media is Killing your Creativity?

“Creativity is an instinct to produce.”

Bruce Ario

Hardly a day goes by without some big announcement or breaking news.

The social media industry feels in constant overdrive, with one site, blog or person constantly trying to outmanoeuvre the other.

But social media is not about social media. It is about (you) creating something remarkable that touches the lives of your Tribe.

Picture the intensity of distraction.



Then …





Blogs (WordPress, Blogger, Typepad)







Social media is like crack cocaine.

The more you engage the more you engage.

If you had a problem with procrastination before (or, as Steven Pressfield calls it, the Resistance), then social media will amplify it like nothing else.

But, perhaps most worrying of all, is the effect it has on your creative output.

The problem is that when you do try to create Art, you have a whole fanfare of noise in your head: blog posts, (free) eBooks and YouTube (TED conferences?).

The solution.

A social media fast.

If you know that you have to ship a new project in the next month, then you could do worse than to unplug all your social media connections, or at the very least put yourself on a strict diet. If you are incapable of limiting the time spent there are quite a few tools out there that will automatically pull the plug .

Go back to your roots.

What was it that inspired you?

Don’t worry if you sit around for a few days and you draw a blank. Your lizard brain will be screaming at you to dip into the ubiquitous Google search, but you have to wrestle those thoughts to the ground and stand your ground.

Often it is useful to go back to basics and use a pen and paper and write down the problem that is vexing you. We all know that sleeping on a problem can work wonders.

You also need to think of your own body clock. There will be times in the day when you feel inspired, and others quite lethargic.

Social media is a wonderful invention but don’t let it blot out all those thoughts, ideas and natural curiosity that is part of you.

If you stay wired for too long, then, chances are, your creativity will be sucked dry to the point where you end up merely regurgitating the work of others.

As for your creative output?

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