Working together

Hey, it’s Friday.

That being so, you don’t need to read any more of my stuff (this week) but, hey…, I need to leave you with this thought: why is it, more often than not (as much as I know), that it’s so hard to work together?

I’m lucky: I work with some great people. Easy going, and they listen. It’s a far cry from my days in private practice (law) when clients wanted to sue the arse of me as opposed to listen to and act on my advice.

Of course, I could default to the internal comms trope but that’s not it. To my mind, it’s all about ego. What’s mine is mine. The rest of you can go to hell.

Come on you leaders. Look up from your computers and smell what’s going on. Walk your talk. Tell people that it’s not a game. It’s real. Get it done. Don’t compete. Don’t grandstand. Think about the bigger (earth) picture. And love everyone. See them for what they are. No, not an A-hole — some are — but as someone who is suffering under the weight of doing the right thing and living the moral imperative.

Like I’ve said so many times, nothing I say will make a jot of difference. Only you can do that.

Seriously, though, who are you?

Someone who cares or someone who wants to score meaningless points?

Love you all.


Photo by Kevin Hendersen on Unsplash