Write it down

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”

– Maya Angelou

Some people (only a few perhaps?) are inveterate note takers.

For the rest… they give up.

It’s not that the computer has replaced pen and paper, it’s that the inclination has left us.

The power of writing things down, by hand, is immeasurable.

We have busy minds. Cruel sometimes. And yet we never find a place to work through what it is that so vexes us.

Write it down.

Whatever it is that so troubles you. Write it down. And your daemon will appear… at some stage, and when you least expect it.

Don’t worry what you write. Just write. And keep writing until you’re worked out.

I’ve read a slew of posts from people who wrap this process around a system – oh please! – but they completely miss the point. The more contrived the less import, and less likely anything meaningful will happen.

My advice.

 Show up.

Write. (I have several notebooks on the go at any one time.)

Don’t think.

Feel the pen or pencil over the page.

Slow down your writing – I try to write in my best hand.

If that doesn’t work, speed it up. See if you can write faster than the thoughts appear.

Don’t read back what you’ve written.

Don’t time yourself.


But, perhaps most important of all don’t defer to this ‘aid’ only at stressful or difficult times. Try to make a window in your day to write something.

One final thing. Don’t think of writing beyond the writing. Trust to the primordial soup.

– Julian

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