Previously, I wrote for a living.

Not in the classic ‘writer’ sense, but the service that I provided was delivered in written form. I know that I was verbose at times, but I like to think I mastered my craft.

However, what I realise is that most people don’t write like lawyers (duh… perhaps that’s why they aren’t!), and are much more expansive, creative and open.

In my case, as part of my reinvention as a writer, trying to shake off the cloak of legal prose has been hard. In fact, it is only recently, as I have read more poetry and fiction, that I have started to believe that I have the potential to write something more than this blog.


My aim for 2013 is to find my writing cadence and publish as many books as I can. I don’t want to say how many because, on past form, I have said too much and produced too little; but I certainly want to finish my first poetry collection which I have called Circles of Revolution, and a book to go with this blog. I would also like to write a few short stories (Etgar Keret style).

If you see less of me on line that is because I need to focus on writing. It’s not that I don’t believe in social media, but the more time I spend across the multitude of platforms that I have created, the more likely it is that I will fail to ship anything in 2013.

As regards this blog, I have swung like a pendulum from daily to weekly blogging and whilst I am still not sure what is right, I suspect that I will post no more than two/three times a week in 2013. I will probably post on Wednesday’s and something on Saturday or Sunday.

To give me even more freedom (or is that a euphemism for focus?), I intend to close down some of my social media platforms or at least strip them of a lot of my previous work (Slideshare, Scribd and Posterous come to mind).

I know I can write.


Because I love writing.

Or more precisely I am in love with words, sounds and the spaces in my mind that writing opens up.

As to my business, I will still be working on developing a sustainable coaching and consulting practice, but my aim is to build my writing alongside, and, in time, if I reach my markers, to generate enough income that I can (genuinely) call myself a writer.

– Julian

PS. I have ordered three copies each of Do the Work and The War of Art by Steven Pressfield and I will be giving them away together with other books to coincide with certain blog posts. Either one of these books has the power to change your life. No BS!

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