Your story



How amazing.

And yet, to the limited body-mind self (i.e. your thoughts, feelings, sensations and emotions) it’s never happy.

It can’t be. Absent an internal story or two, there would just be, well, err… this.

I know, you think I’ve lost it:

“What’s the dude on about now?”


You are not your thoughts etc. no matter how much you might believe otherwise. Of course, with a lifetime of conditioning behind you, it’s virtually impossible to understand that, in truth, you’re not in control.

When you sit down and contemplate life — more naval gazing I’m afraid — what you’ll begin to understand is your thoughts, feelings and emotions never settle. On the other hand, what never changes is your awareness of everything that arises. And it doesn’t arise from the mind; it’s just here. Right here, right now.

Look a little deeper and there might be a further, resonant insight: (my — it’s not really yours) awareness is self-knowing.

If you think I’ve lost the plot, invite the question:

What is there when there is no thinking?

Perhaps sit with that for a while.

It’s not nothing …

It’s…well…,that’s for you to investigate and/or consider.

Take care.

Blessings and much love,


Photo by Erico Marcelino on Unsplash