Zen and the art of making

Yes, I’ve ripped off Robert Persig’s wonderful book but so what!

The thing is, too many people have lost the ethereal but oh-so-profound connection with using their hands in producing something more meaningful than another nauseatingly dull as sh*t email.

Actually, it’s worse than that: using our hands to make something useful with a lifetime value is not favoured by those in the know; namely, parents, teachers and all those successful types you see up and down our screens. 

“Show me the money.”

Which is another way of saying: I want you to earn great gobs of money as quickly as possible regardless of the environmental consequences.

I know you’re super busy and doing your very best to get through the day without blowing it all up, but if my last few weeks of painting is anything to go by, using my hands and creating something has been way more beneficial emotionally, spiritually and physically than reading another book or watching another talk.

I’m not saying you have to paint. No: anything that enables you to connect visually with your hands, hearts and soul is (surely) better than spending all your time on the bloody treadmill we now equate to life. (Even five minutes of creation is better than nothing.)

As to the talent thing: I don’t know you but (as cheesy as it sounds) there’s no limitation to your creative self save those you place on yourself.

Deep bows.

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

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